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Will Scarlett-A Man of Nottingham

Will Scarlett
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Will looks like he hasn't had enough to eat recently and has red hair that he keeps hoping will turn auburn someday. He's lanky, but moves quicker than you would expect when in trouble. What tends to strike people when they meet Will is the color of his eyes and how they suit Sherwood far too well and the fact that he just doesn't tan. Freckles stand out from a slightly browned face and a slanting clean scar goes diagonally on his right cheek from cheekbone to just at his lip. He stands 6 feet tall and looks older than his twenty years with old eyes and wears a knife at his waist and sometimes carries a staff.

Slightly changing the crediting since so many lovely people make James McAvoy icons that wanderlustlover mainly and others manipulate to make him my Will, I thought I'd list the other manipulators and those of pages of lovely James: Rin, daniidebrabant, moofoot, chthonian, oywiththeicons,objection_icons, and becoming_icons.

Will Scarlett appeared in my imagination after reading Paul Creswick's Robin Hood and seeing Errol Flynn's Robin Hood and the Adventures of Young Robin Hood. He's a bit of everything and I wish I could claim him fully, but he lets me inhabit his head for milliways_bar and mixed_muses, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. The player behind Will can be found at ceitfianna.